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Easy Painting Technique
-Children's painting improves dramatically-

Publisher Kazahino bunko
Writer: Uchi Cafe Skill Children painting class
Representatives Saito Yoko
Sales price JPY1,500(excluding tax)

Released on December 25 2019
Easy Painting Technique-Children's painting improves dramatically-was published which included easy painting technique by Uchi Cafe Skill painting class based on that policy.
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Unique technique which students can get prizes
Changing students' all talents into skills
Blooming ability
Any children who are not good at painting can paint better with small techniques

I wrote this book out of excellent 11 paintings which I have taught for five years such as drawing song.
I have explained technique on a metaphor and concrete words which children can understand easily when teaching. For example, two sausages for two arms, tapping with tissues when blurring. Because children understand and curiosity is a shortcut to improve painting.
Explaining artistic special words are not enjoyable for children.
I have not studied at college of the art or technical school. I have gotten qualification of a nutritionist. So my unique teaching method is easy, time reduction and handy such as three-minute cooking program. When I started to teach our interesting technique, children were interested in and started to try it. They started to acquire technique naturally. Their mothers were very excited to watch this.
But I don’t think this is the only one answer. Paintings have neither only one definite answer like math and Japanese nor incorrect answer and failure. Children’s free ideas are welcome and they can make their original technique.  They sometimes make their own way and we can assist them when their artistic talent will be brought out. Painting matches to bring out one’s self-esteem.
I’m glad that not only children but also adults feel happy to paint and try not just painting but anything.

Saito Yoko

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Sankei Gakuen Jiyuugaoka store

0min on foot on your left from central exit of Jiyuugaoka

Kiddyland books

Kameari Ario second floor

Miraiya bookstore

Laketown Mori 3rd floor

York culture Misato

Misato Ito-Yokado 2nd floor

Seven Culture Nishiarai

Nishiarai Ario 2nd floor

Kasiwanoha Culture Center

Lalaport Kashiwanoha North building

Tsutaya Yashio

Uchi Cafe Skill Atelier

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veryone's book. Kindle Edition

Now on sale at the amazon kindle store

This is a collection of works by children in the children's drawing class "Uchi Cafe Skill". 
We were able to collect wonderful drawings such as the award-winning "Umi no Ikimono" and "Riku no Ikimono" into one work collection.
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