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Japan's First Painting Intellectual Test

Praising Painting Intellectual Test

Japan's Painting Intellectual Test (Online course)

Painting does not have one definite answer. Not all efforts might be rewarded.
When children miss prizes and recognize what they should learn, they face themselves and try more. We would like to admit their efforts when they feel down and we would not only like to praise.
That’s why I started Japan’s First Children Painting Intellectual Association (Online course) in 2017.
We made our original textbook to get dan definitely.
This course is well received for people who live far from our classroom and cannot come even though they would like to learn painting from us. Please feel free to ask us.
We changed our association name from children Intellectual Test into Praise Painting Intellectual Test on April 1 2019.

Concept of test

The purpose of “praising painting Intellectual Test” is to improve painting skill. This test is only a few system that evaluates both painting skill and mental endeavor.
Children have high motivation like “I want to paint more” or” I want to paint better”. We also have a high consideration that they can bring their level up when they take tests. They have high satisfaction and try it better.
More tests children take, they move up to higher levels as possible. Although we judge painting with care and efforts under our judging policy, they will move up higher levels  when they take tests more frequently.

Contents of test

Children are supposed to take tests one work within twelve kinds of ssignments on our textbook.
The first one is “tulip” and the second one is “shaking hands”.


Drawing paper  Over A 4 size within B3(about 392cm×271cm)

Paper material

Pencils, colored pencils, water colored pencils, and crayons are used. Please don’t use oil based paints

Test method

Please send completed works to our office with a return envelope. Our due date is 25th every month. If it’s overdue, we will check them next month.

Test process

We will examine works carefully and inform results with red letters on paper by 10th next month.

Painting works are decided the level from 10th to 8 dan. The certified informed result will be sent to the examiners by mail.

Rough cost

Member fee is included the following.

One textbook (with twelve assignments)

Envelope for work submission

evaluation advice

Test fee to get DAN, KYU level

delivery fee to send the result for test

That textbook is full of techniques that children enjoy painting.
Annual fee JPY24,000 without tax will be bank transferred.
Please contact us any further details on the following inquiry.