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Why don't you bloom your talents through painting?

Praising teacher training course

Praising teacher training course

Painting unleashes one’s a lot of potential for everyone both adults and children.
Uchi Cafe Skill Aoyama Yashio skill considers the method “to change all talents to skills”.
So this is not just a common art teacher training course. We really want our students to get good results and on this point, we are different from other painting classes.
We want to give a chance to students and raise one’s “self-esteem” which they can enjoy their lives through our praising unique teaching method.

Why don't you bloom your talents through painting? 
We recommend this to the following people.

People who want to start painting classes.
People who want to enjoy with children through art.
People who would to use this skill through child-rearing.
People who don’t know how to bring out children’s skill and creativity.
People who want to have confidence Praise.

Praising students!!

Unleash children’s potential and originality.

The important thing is neither painting skill nor teaching skill. Students learn the method how to bring out children’s ability and creativity on this teacher training course.

Fun and easy to understand!!

Informing painting technique in an easy expression which children can understand.

Painting technique is easy for children to understand and they can enjoy learning it happily.

Become a teacher!!

We ourselves became art teachers from inexperience.

The important thing is to have kindness to praise and passion rather than knowledge and experience. Inexperienced people can also take this lecture without worries.

Contents of lecture

The ideal method for children's painting.
Learning how to teach painting to children.

I would like to be an art teacher or start painting class.
I don’t know how to begin.
This private-sector qualification is for those people.
First, praising teacher training course’s original textbook is used and students learn painting teaching skills. Basic painting teaching skill is taught with simple words which small children can understand easily.
The representative of Uchi Cafe Skill, Saito Yoko who teaches painting at four commercial facilities made this unique curriculum.
We use this same teaching method to teach at some different painting classes.

Lesson flow


Please follow the procedure from our contact form on our website.

2.Textbook Delivery

Our textbooks will be sent to the designated address.

3.Test implementation

You may send actual paintings by mail or attached documents by e-mail for tests for three times

4.Issuing a certificate and a member card

After passing our test, a certificate and a member card would be issued. 

Course fee (all tax included) 70,000 yen in total

Lesson fee


Practical training(FACE,LION, RAINBOW TROUT) including lesson for five hours

Watercolors set

50 colors’ crayons

20 pieces for painting paper 380mmX270mm

textbook fee

JPY 1,500

Painting test fee


diploma fee (certificate)


It includes one set of textbooks (including supplements), test fee (for once) and diploma fee.
If retest is needed to be taken, extra retest fee is collected.

Painting exam is four-choice questions.Practical test is that students draw three assignments by themselves again and submit them.
Saito Yoko’s art teacher skill will be mastered. They will acquire the skill for three months at the shortest. 
Practice is implemented through online private class (such as zoom or LINE).
After graduation of ou rcourse, follow-through service is provided to work as art teacher. Or you will be offered the job as our staff.
Please contact us if you have any questions.


Implementation for painting test for three times.

We conduct painting test using assignment for three times.
Sending actual drawings by mail or sending attached documents by e-mail are both accepted. A certificate and a member card will be issued after passing our test.

Exchange of qualified people and support them for opening school.

We will support people who open their own schools and will do follow-through service.
After passing the test, students will be able to become Uchi Cafe Skill Aoyama Yashio assistants as well. 
After getting teacher qualification, some teachers can work as part-timers or volunteers at Uchi Cafe Skill Aoyama Yashio’s Children painting class. After some teachers have had some experiences, some of them has opened their own schools.
We are planning to have a meeting with other participants regularly.

Participants’ voice

I realized my own potential through painting

I was unexperienced when I started to work as a staff.The reason which I took this course is that I would be glad if I could help them even just a little. after I take this course rather than helping with no confidence.
One of the good points which I have learned is that intelligible explanation to understand when teaching under any circumstances. I also realized my own potential as well.
Currently I prepare for children painting classes and work as an assistant about once a month. I also help summer vacation special class and art contest.

Male staff

I was able to have my own painting class.

I learned this praising teaching way how to teach painting since I worked as an assistant at Uchi Cafe Skill Aoyama Yashio painting class after this course was taken.
It’s highly rewarding since I was able to have my own class recently.

Sato Erika