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Uchi Cafe Skill SDGs Declaration

As a "company that contributes to solving social issues," we hope that we can contribute to the achievement of the "SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals," which are the goals of the entire international community advocated at the United Nations Summit.
We will provide safer and more enjoyable services, and contribute to the sustainable development of society and the realization of a safe and prosperous local community that connects people, society and the earth.
We support the SDGs.

SGDs Declaration

Regarding the suspension of rental of painting teaching materials due to measures against corona infection

In the past, if the materials such as crayons and paints were worn out, lost, or forgotten when the classroom was held, the organizer would lend them free of charge, but from the perspective of infection prevention, We will stop lending teaching materials and tools. If you cannot prepare it, we will lend you a disinfected teaching material tool for 500 yen per person.
In addition, we will specify the minimum required teaching materials at the time of attendance, so if you have a school paint set, you can substitute it.

Minimum required teaching materials

Pentel 30 Color Crayon

12-18 colors watercolors

Gold and silver paint

2-3 brushes

Spray bottle

Disposable pallet

We have started online sales of the teaching material set, which was often requested, so you can buy it from there.
Implementation date: January 2021
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Winter trial class
Now accepting students!

Trial classrooms are being held at each classroom

We will help you to bring out your child's "ability", give a little hint, and create a fun and splendid painting. Correspondence courses are also available using our original textbooks.
We also hold writing and calligraphy classes twice a month (only in Yashio).
For inquiries, please use contact form on this site or by phone.
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